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I'm Ruso, my mission on this planet is to create beauty fueled by love, compassion and interdependence, share it with everyone willing to accept it and expect nothing in return. I started producing music in 2006 and quickly realized that sticking to one genre or trying to classify what I create had no value to me. I knew that for me, speaking from the heart and letting the music create itself instead of trying to force fixed ideas onto a blank canvas is a critical to speaking my true voice. By being diverse and open-minded to different methods of production and all genres, I am able to express my emotions and feelings via the music medium the same way I express them in my art.

Album Releases

Unto The Wormhole
Released: 12/10/2012
Label: Addictech
Coming Soon!
Awakened Dreams
Released: 01/01/2012
Label: Textural Fragmentations
Released: 10/15/11
Label: Global Vortex Records

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